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Promote public safety through governance of nursing education and practice


Inspire public confidence by providing regulatory oversight to ensure safe nursing practice

To apply for a license or certificate, click the Nurse Portal picture below or the licensing tab at the top of this page.

Current Statistics

As of 9/15/21

Meetings & Events

October 12 - Teleconference

The meeting scheduled to be held in Cody - October 12-13 has been canceled due to the high number of active COVID cases in WY

Notice of Public Forum

During each regularly scheduled meeting of the Wyoming State Board of Nursing, Board members hold a public comment period to allow citizens to dialog on nursing-related issues. If you would like to speak during the public comment period, access the meeting agenda for the date and time. Time is divided equally among those who wish to speak. Board staff can present to your organization on a range of nursing-related topics, including nursing education, delegation, scope of practice, the impaired nurse, regulatory requirements, licensing, discipline processes and the Nurse Practice Act.


To all licensees:

The Board's staff has become aware that an individual claiming to represent Wyoming State Board of Nursing (WSBN) is contacting licensees claiming their licenses are fraudulent or otherwise impaired. The individual is spoofing their Caller ID to appear as though they are calling from a Wyoming governmental agency. This is part of a nationwide wave of similar scams targeting professional license holders.

Please know that only the WSBN staff, in particular, Victoria Pike or Alicia Stich-Clinard will contact you about the status of your license or any pending discipline. Further, your license cannot be revoked or impaired without following the process laid out in the Board's rules for disciplining licensees, including notice and an opportunity to be heard.

If you receive a suspicious call that you believe is fraudulent, please report it to local or federal law enforcement. If you have any questions about the status of your license, please do not hesitate to contact the Board's staff.