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1. List of Wyoming Nursing Education Programs

Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing

University of Wyoming

Laramie, WY


307-766-4294 fax




Casper College

Casper, WY 


307-268-2087 fax


LPN Certificate

CNA Certificate

Refresher Courses

IV Therapy


Central Wyoming College

Riverton, WY 


307-855-2099 fax


LPN Certificate

CNA Certificate

Eastern Wyoming College

Torrington, WY 



Laramie County Community College

Cheyenne, WY


307-778-4386 fax


LPN Certificate

CNA Certificate

Northern Wyoming Community College District

Gillette, WY 

307-686-0254 x1204

307-686-0339 fax


Sheridan, WY 

307-674-6446 x3301

307-674-3352 fax


LPN Certificate

CNA Certificate

Northwest College 

Powell, WY 

Tel: 307-754-6484

307-754-6484 fax


LPN Certificate

CNA Certificate

Western Wyoming Community College

Rock Springs, WY 


307-382-7665 fax


LPN Certificate

CNA Certificate

2. Student CNA/CNA II / MA-C Information

Want to train as a CNA? 

Click HERE for a List of Approved CNA Programs

 The Wyoming Department of Health oversees CNA education programs.

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Click HERE for a list of Approved CNA II and MA-C Courses

Need information on CNA II or MA-C Scope of practice? 

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CNA Testing

The Wyoming Nurse Aide testing services will be available on Headmaster’s website located at D&S – Headmaster -

Virtual knowledge testing is available for CNA candidates. Please visit Welcome | WY TMU ( for more information. Please contact Headmaster directly at (800)393-8664 with any questions on registration.

3. Approval of Prelicensure: Out-of-State Nursing Education Programs LPN/RN

Per the Administrative Rules of the WSBN, Ch 2, the RN/LPN applicant must "Graduate from a licensing board-approved RN or LPN/VN pre-licensure nursing education program" Sect 3, (b)(i). This means the WSBN will recognize graduates of out-of-state prelicensure programs so long as they are approved by another board of nursing (or similar entity). It is recommended that individuals review the program's NCLEX scores and research the approval and accreditation status and credibility of any nursing education program before enrolling. Applicants may also want to check with the board of nursing in the state where the program is located to see if there are any complaints about a program - as well as a general search online to see what others may say about the program.

Pre-licensure distance education programs seeking to operate or offer clinical placement within Wyoming must seek approval by the Board. All programs must meet all nursing educational standards defined in the WSBN Administrative Rules, Chapter 6.

4. Post-Licensure: Out-of-State Nursing Education Programs APRN/MSN/DNP

Individuals seeking licensure as an APRN should verify the program meets the criteria outlined in the WSBN Administrative Rules Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 6.  It is recommended individuals research the approval and accreditation status and credibility of any education program before enrolling. 

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing does not have a formal approval process for post-license online distance education programs. However, educational programs wishing to provide clinical experiences in Wyoming must notify the WSBN in writing when a student will be completing a clinical experience in Wyoming.   Please refer to the Sample Cover Letter for Clinical Request below.

Out-of-State Program Resources Click to download documents

Wyoming Department of Education Application

Sample Cover Letter for Clinical Request

5. Nurse Refresher Courses

Click HERE for a List of Approved Nurse Refresher Courses as of August 9, 2022

Per Chapter 2, Section 13(d)(ii)(A) RN/LPN/VN "successfully complete a refresher course or the equivalent accepted by the Board".  

If the refresher course you are interested in is not listed, please email for Board review and consideration for approval.

6. Licensed Practical Nurse IV Certification

Click HERE for a List of WY LPN IV-C Courses

For the most current information regarding LPN Certification Courses at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, please contact Clinical Education at (307)996-4736 .

9. Continuing Education (CEU)

The WSBN does not offer approval of educational programs. Wyoming is willing to accept courses approved by continuing nursing education (CNE) approved for nursing contact hours by an accredited provider or approver of nursing continuing education such as a board of nursing

Other types of accepted continuing education:

10. Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Resources

The Administrative Rules and Regulations for the WSBN (Ch 2, section 13) require each APRN to document three (3) hours of continuing education related to the responsible prescribing of controlled substances or treatment of substance abuse disorders (c)(ii). 

At the time of renewal, the APRN must upload proof of completion of courses specific to this requirement. 

The resources below have been reviewed and meet the requirements for this competency. This list is not complete. 

The title of the CE activity must be specific to prescribing controlled substances or treatment of substance use disorders to meet this requirement. If attending a conference, the APRN should keep a copy of the conference agenda that specifies courses that will be used to meet this competency.

Free CEUs

Applying CDC's Guideline for Prescribing Opioids 

Pain Management and Opioids-CME for Medical Professionals

Harvard Medical School-Understanding Addiction

Drug Diversion Training

ICRS - Understanding Substance Use Disorder in Nursing

ICRS - Nurse Manager Guidelines for Substance Use Disorder

National Institute on Drug Abuse Opioid CMEs

Nebraska Drug Overdose Prevention Note - the Pain Management and Acute Pain modules have been reviewed and deemed to meet the renewal competency 

Safe and Effective Prescription of Controlled Substances

PCSS - SUD 101

PCSS - Webinars Most (not all) have CEUs available

11. Funding and Scholarship Opportunities


WY Investment in Nursing (WyIN)