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The WSBN has established rules as the regulatory agency enforcing the Nurse Practice Act of Wyoming (NPA) under §33-21-122(c)(i).

Chapter 2 of the WSBN Rules: Licensing and Certification Requirements

Chapter 5 of the WSBN Rules: Fees

Application Review Committee (ARC) Charge

Licensing Table of Contents

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How to Apply

In order to apply, you will first need to create an account with Nurse Portal. If you already have an account, please log in. If you have forgotten your password click  'Forgot Password' 


Your Nurse Portal is going to be very important! It will be where you go to renew your license every EVEN year (yes, you will have to apply again if you are getting your initial license in an even year).  It is also where you will find communications about your license, such as: 

The Nurse Portal will be our primary means of contacting you about your application via the message center (on the left side of the Nurse Portal).

This is also where you will go to request either a wall certificate or wallet card. Keep in mind though, neither one is acceptable documentation for verification of your license. Wyoming does not provide paper licenses. If you need verification of your license you may do so through either the 'Verify a Nurse' or 'Verify a CNA' links below.

Verify A Nurse Verify A CNA 

In order to help you along, we have some printable checklists available to help you keep track of what you need in order to successfully submit your application. 

CNA Checklist RN/LPN Checklist APRN Checklist

To provide proof of your education we will need to receive your transcripts from your school DIRECTLY. This means that the school has to send them to our office (e-mail from the school to us is also acceptable wsbn.licensing@wyo.gov). Please be aware, institutions may have a fee for this.

As part of your criminal background check, we will also need two (2) Fingerprint cards with your application. You may either drop them off at our office or mail them to our office. Most local law enforcement agency will be able to assist you with this though some may charge a fee to do so. DCI generally takes 3-4 weeks to process your background check once WE receive your COMPLETE application so we can send them.

Please also know that if you do have marks on your record, please disclose them on your application regardless of status (exclude traffic violations).  There are NO automatic disqualifiers in the process.

On average, the entire process can take between 45-60 days from when we receive your COMPLETE application.

Paper applications are no longer accepted and credit/debit card payments are the only form of payment accepted. Be prepared to upload required documents and print instructions. 

There is a 2.4% processing fee with all card payments. 

If you find that you still have questions please do not hesitate to call us at 307-777-7601 We are here to help!

Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Completing Fingerprint Cards

How to fill out my  Fingerprint Card

Applicants with a Criminal History 

There are no pre-disqualifiers in the state of Wyoming  for licensure.  All applications are considered on a case by case basis. Plan to upload all criminal history documents when you apply through the Nurse Portal along with a personal statement for EACH offense that is not a motor violation. 

Sample Personal Statement (Criminal) Sample Personal Statement (Mental Health)

Multi-Sate License /  Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

Here in Wyoming we recognize that you may live here, but work in a neighboring state. With a multi-state license, that is not an issue. 

If you are already an ACTIVE licensee in Wyoming and want to upgrade your license to a multi-state license you will need to:


Submit with application: 

For more information on the Nurse Licensure Compact, please visit: 


Explanation of the NLC for Nurses

Explanation of the NLC for Nurse Employers

Making Travel Nursing Easier with a Multi-State License

Moving States

When moving to a new state from Wyoming you will need to first CONTACT the state you are moving TO. 

No state has the same process for licensure so you will need to see what they will need in order for you to be licensed there. Even if the state is part of the NLC you will still have to do this as Wyoming will no longer be your primary state of residence.


In order for us to do our part in the process, you will need to fill out the 'Verification Payment Form' and return it to us.

Verification Payment Form

When you are moving TO Wyoming, from another state, you will need to apply via Endorsement, and fill out our verification forms IN ADDITION to your COMPLETED application. For RN/LPN if your state participates in Nursys utilize Nursys.com verification.

CNA Verification Form LPN/RN Verification Form APRN Verification Form

Continuing Education (CEU'S)

Continuing Educations are required as a means for meeting competencies to maintain your license. These are required in instances when you may not have been actively working in your role for an extended time. We highly encourage you to simply search on the internet "Continuing education for 'insert your role here'" as some courses have a fee and others do not. 

When you submit proof of your CEU's for competency in order to license we are specifically going to need those records with:

Military Educated Applicants

Wyoming allows an individual who has graduated from an approved military course (listed in the NCSBN Analysis – Military) within the 5 yrs prior to application, to apply and sit for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) NCLEX .  In addition to completing an application, the Military Verification form must be completed and submitted as part of the application process.

Foreign Educated Applicants

Foreign educated applicants must submit a Foreign Educated Application and  meet the following criteria:

Accepted transcript credentialing agencies:

Accepted English Proficiency Exams and standards:

If a foreign educated nurse is currently licensed in the US, please submit an Endorsement Application instead of the Foreign Educated Application.



The nurse portal shows that my application has items that are pending. What does that mean?

I have a criminal background and am trying to apply

For further assistance in how to best document your history on your application please see this FAQ document:

Background History Questions


Renewal of license requires active nursing/CNA  practice of at least 200 hours in the past 5 years see Administrative Rules of the WSBN, Ch 2, Sect 13.

What do I do if I cannot remember my username and/or password?

How do I start the renewal process?

If I currently have a multistate license in another state do I need to renew my Wyoming license?

Can I upgrade to a multistate and renew at the same time?

If I have an APRN and an RN license can I renew them both through the nurse portal?

Do I need to renew my Prescriptive Authority?

Do I need to renew my IV-C Therapy?

Do I need to renew my HHA, CNA II, or MA-C?

How many CEUs do I need to renew my license/certificate?

Do I need to send copies of my CEs?

Can I use volunteer hours for active nursing practice?

Does taking care of sick family members or neighbors count as active nursing practice?

 How Long Does the Application Process Take?

Licensure generally takes 45-60 days once all documents are received.

Temporary Permits

I am studying to become.....

CNA/CNA II or Medication Aide Certified (MA-C)

LPN-IV Certified

Nurse Refresher Courses

This is the only approved way to come back into licensure in the state of Wyoming. More information may be found here


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