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Wyoming Nurse Reporter Past Editions

"Telehealth-An Option During Crisis" by A. Le Pard

"Health Policy Innovation and Analysis" by J. Burns

"Nature and Health" by M. Burman

"What IS and IS NOT Client Abandonment" by V. Pike

"2020 Designated International Year of the Nurse and Midwife" by WSBN Staff

"Moving the Emergency Nurse Practitioner Specialty from Resistance to Acceptance" by J. Burns and W. Davis

Our Programs: Teaching Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgement

"Which APRN Should You Hire for the Emergency Department or Hospitalist Team?" by J. Burns and W. Davis

 "The Complementary Roles of the School Nurse and School Based Health Centers" by  L. Ondeck, L. Combe, R. Baszler and J. Wright

"Impact of Nurse Practitioners on Primary Care in Rural Areas: Recent Research" by M. Burman

"Full Scope-of-Practice Regulation is Associated With Higher Supply of Nurse Practitioners in Rural and Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Counties" by Y. Xue, V. Kannan, E. Greener, J. Smith, J. Brasch, B. Johnson and J. Spetz 

"Preventing, Detecting, and Addressing Opioid Overprescribing" by E. Lund

"NCSBN Publishes National Nursing Guidelines for Medical Marijuana" by NCSBN

"Is There a Doctor in the House?" by J. Smith

"Research Informs Delivery of BSN Completion Curriculum at the University of Wyoming" by D. Bodily and M. Burman

"National Accreditation: Ready, Set, GO...and Wait!" by Suzey Delger 

"What's New-New Rules Updates for Chapters 2 and 5" by WSBN Staff

"Wyoming State Board of Nursing Authorizes Army LPN and Air Force Medic Graduates to Test for NCLEX-PN Exam" by WSBN Staff

"FAQ: Regarding APRN Job Roles" by WSBN Staff and Practice Committee

"American Nurses Association Calls for Action in Wake of Police Abuse of Registered Nurse" by American Nurses Association

"Wyoming's First Accredited Nurse Residency Program" by B. Jackson

"What Will the Enhanced NLC (eNLC) Mean for Nurses?" by NCSBN

"What Wyoming APRNs Need to Know about Scope of Practice" by A.M. Hart and M. Burman