COVID 19 Emergency Measures


Temporary permits, free of charge, are available to former certified nurse aides and nurses under certain conditions. Available through your nurse portal.

1.8.2021 COVID 19 Vaccine Administration Temporary Permits

4.16.2020 APRN Certification Extension/Waiver Policies

9.30.2020 Updated COVID 19 Temporary Permits

12.2.2020 Emergency Staffing Memo

To verify a CNA; websites from out of state

3.23.2020 To obtain fingerprints for the required Criminal Background Check for all nursing applications, the applicant will need to be healthy, call local law enforcement for an appointment time, answer screening questions, and wear masks for the process. See memo to the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police which was sent on candidates' behalf.

3.18.2020 Due to the declared State of emergency, WSBN is extending graduate temporary permits for licensure or certification exam applicants until national exams are again available. We will return to normal timeframes beginning August 1, 2020 [ie. 90 & 120 days]

Email the Licensing Department through your nurse portal account for additional questions


The Board of Nursing has issued new guidelines among all levels of nursing practice.

1.20.2021 NCSBN Memo: Nursing Student Administration of the COVID 19 Vaccine

12.10.2020 NCSBN Policy Brief: COVID 19 Vaccine Administration

6.29.2021 Updated Practice During COVID 19

3.31.2020 Infection Control

6.29.2021 Updated Telehealth: Nursing and Electronic Care Delivery (Telehealth Standards)

6.29.2021 Updated Emergency Direct Care Worker

N95 Mask Decontamination Resources

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The Board of Nursing has issued new guidelines relating to nursing education and nurse aide students attending clinical experiences.

6.29.2021 Updated COVID 19 Education

NCLEX Testing is available in Casper

CNA Testing is available throughout the state

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing Policy Brief

FAQs for NCLEX Candidates

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Compliance & Discipline

3.30.2020 Drug Enforcement Memo

Stay Safe! Practice Social Distancing and Good Hand Hygiene!